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The number of domestic artificial turf enterprises gradually increased
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     Lawn industry with the development of the national economy and the simultaneous development of the general trend, a number of major international or national activities to accelerate the development of its development is undoubtedly the "catalyst." The Olympic Games and the World Expo will not only promote the construction of the stadium, but also promote the transformation and construction of the overall urban environment, promote the production and trade of lawn and related equipment, and its leading role is comprehensive and powerful. The next few years, lawn industry there is a huge space for the development of urban landscape green lawn building, sports ground construction, lawn maintenance, lawn machinery, irrigation equipment, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and other production and trade.

    Lawn building in the urban landscape in the development of space The largest urbanization and urban greening level to the lawn industry to bring unlimited business opportunities. China is accelerating urbanization. By the middle of this century, the urban population will reach 700-800 million, especially in small and medium-sized cities. The expansion of the area will require large-scale landscaping, and the increase may far exceed the total area of existing urban green space.

    China's current per capita urban green space is only 5.29 square meters, developed countries such as Australia's Canberra per capita 70 square meters, Russia's Moscow 44 square meters per capita, Sweden's Stockholm 80 square meters per capita, a very different. Some estimates, according to China's existing 300 million urban population, excluding the new part of the average increase of 1 square meters of green space, the country will add 300 million square meters of green space. If China's urban per capita green space to reach the world average of 30-40 square meters, the increase is amazing.

    Artificial turf market capacity is very small, the total demand in the 100,000 square level, the use of pure imported artificial turf, but the domestic began to man-made turf production enterprises; artificial turf market capacity into the millions, the domestic number of artificial lawn enterprises gradually increased, Mainly from foreign imports of grass fiber processing, to replace and end the era of pure imported lawn. At the same time the domestic artificial grass fiber enterprises are gradually developed; at this stage of China's grass fiber and lawn enterprises began to explore the global market, and gradually enter Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other markets.

    Artificial turf market capacity of 10 million, the strength of the domestic scale of the lawn enterprises with the ability of grass fiber production, entered the stage of independent research and development. Grass fiber and lawn production technology has reached a world-class level, a number of domestic enterprises to obtain the FIFA site certification, making the domestic end-users get the most affordable, can be purchased in the domestic market to the international level of quality products. In the future, the upstream and downstream processes of Chinese grass fiber and lawn will be fully integrated in the strength of the enterprise, that is competitive enterprises will have the ability to produce grass fiber and grass, it is honored that Jiangsu Wuxi green comfortable is one of them .

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Contacts:Miss Yu 13801535845
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